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Sam Adams to play first-ever homecoming concert

An e-mail sent late Thursday night confirmed the headlining artist of the first-ever homecoming concert as Sam Adams, the so called “white-rapping-college-kid” from Boston, Mass. Adams’s songs focus on college life – parties, girls and tests. He is also still a student at Trinity College in Connecticut. Studen Union Board Music Chair Lauren Leonard said … Continue reading

SLAMM! shakes up McCrary audience

Carmine Appice’s SLAMM! did not, in fact, begin with a slam. Rather, a haunting reverberation filled McCrary Theatre the night of Sept. 16 and rattled the audience in their seats. Blue light sliced through hazy air. One at a time, Appice and his cohorts strode on stage and began a slow rhythm on what appeared … Continue reading

Drum group SLAMM! mixes theatre, rhythm

What is the sound an ironing board makes when played like a drum? The answer is not some cryptic riddle, but SLAMM!, a drum spectacle compared to everything from Stomp! to Blue Man Group. SLAMM! will perform at Elon University’s McCrary Theatre 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 16. Bandleader and rock drumming icon Carmine Appice … Continue reading

‘The Record’ takes viewers back to the days of vinyl

Most Elon University students are right at the cusp of the age where they may never have purchased a vinyl record, ripped the plastic off, unwrapped the disc from its sleeve and physically put needle to the ridge. In an age of MP3s, CDs are almost extinct and cassettes are all but a memory. Yet, … Continue reading

‘Halo: Reach’ release may break video game records

For nine years, Xbox gamers have marched with the Spartans in the world of “Halo”: reveling in victory and sinking in defeat and guided by Cortana against waves of the Flood and the Covenant. Soon the journey will be over – at least for a while. Bungie, the developers now owned by Microsoft, announced that … Continue reading

How-To: Get back in the swing of things

Getting back into a school routine is a struggle to be surmounted every year. No matter how many times summer has ended and academia begun, students always have a learning curve to get used to waking up in the morning and doing homework at night. Here are a few tips for making the annual transition … Continue reading

Spinning flags for fun: the Fire of the Carolinas colorguard marches on

During a football game, halftime is typically considered the time to stretch legs and buy a hot dog. Far from it — halftime exists to give the players a break and to entertain the audience, not drive them away. The primary visual component of the halftime show is the colorguard. Part of the Fire of … Continue reading