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Autobiographical play tells frightening tale

The story of the runt of the litter goes like this: When a farmer breeds his best working dog, he looks carefully at the newborn pups. He ties a string around the neck of the smallest and weakest one. Once the dogs are weaned and ready to begin training, the farmer takes all of the … Continue reading

Exercise your rights: Democracy cannot operate without participation

This election season was rife with mud-slinging partisanship on all sides. Conservatives, liberals, moderates, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents all contributed to the acrid political climate that drove people away from the polls in droves. Not to mention that this year’s election wasn’t a presidential one, which typically has a lower turnout. I have heard … Continue reading

Sprite Refreshing Films contest to give film students a taste of the big time

Staff, students and Sprite swag crowded into Studio B last Monday for the interest meeting for the Sprite Refreshing Films Contest. Scores of future cinematographers packed together to hear the words of Dreaming Tree Films representative Aviva Kleiner. Dreaming Tree Films is the partner production company with Sprite, Kleiner said. Dreaming Tree focuses on teenage … Continue reading

Polygamy and intolerance are both never okay: Media influence and stereotypes hinder the understanding of the Mormon faith

People of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are upstanding members of the community. They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, swim club members, bake sale organizers, den mothers and friends to hundreds of people across the country. So why then is it acceptable to mock them in public? One of my oldest and best … Continue reading


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