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How to: pack lightly and efficiently

Whether you’re flying out to Cancun or spending the week back home in Des Moines, spring break is a welcome relief from the stresses of college. Regardless of the destination, though, everyone needs a quick and efficient way to pack clothes. 1. Start with tops and T-shirts Take the most delicate and easily wrinkled items … Continue reading

How-To: Get back in the swing of things

Getting back into a school routine is a struggle to be surmounted every year. No matter how many times summer has ended and academia begun, students always have a learning curve to get used to waking up in the morning and doing homework at night. Here are a few tips for making the annual transition … Continue reading

21st century college etiquette: avoid crossing the line

Knowing how to cover your tracks after a misplaced text message or saving face while hung over in class is far more important for college students than knowing which fork to use or how to fold your napkin properly. Here are a few tips to keep you in good standing with your professors and friends … Continue reading


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