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Sprite Refreshing Films contest to give film students a taste of the big time

Staff, students and Sprite swag crowded into Studio B last Monday for the interest meeting for the Sprite Refreshing Films Contest. Scores of future cinematographers packed together to hear the words of Dreaming Tree Films representative Aviva Kleiner. Dreaming Tree Films is the partner production company with Sprite, Kleiner said. Dreaming Tree focuses on teenage … Continue reading

Rip_Chord among the top in national competition

Ask anyone around Elon University with a pair of working ears who Rip_Chord is, and they will probably look at you like you’ve sprouted a second head. Who is Rip_Chord? they will ask, looking you up and down. How can you not have heard of Rip_Chord? The all-male a cappella group is popular on campus, … Continue reading

Rip_Chord digs in to ‘Sing-Off’ competition

A few years ago, some Elon University guys got together and thought ­— hey. We’re good singers. A cappella music is fun. We could do that — and do it well. And Rip_Chord was born. Four years since, Rip_Chord is making its way into the male a cappella world. Its first CD, “Resisting A_Rest,” was … Continue reading

Newest learning community ‘Project’ soon to be TV stars

Hal-cy-on: noun: a bird identified with the kingfisher, held in ancient legend to nest at sea around the time of the winter solstice to calm the waves during incubation. Pro-ject Hal-cy-on: noun: a group of Elon University freshmen who write their own songs and who won “Wannabe,” a lip-syncing competition. Project Halcyon is the brainchild … Continue reading

Students ‘think they can dance’

“So You Think You Can Dance?” is one of the most popular television shows in the country. Nominated for five Emmy’s, the show’s popularity has helped it reach over 100 episodes. Elon’s Dance Works, the student run dance and choreography club, wanted to replicate some of that fame and hosted what they hope to be … Continue reading


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