Hi! My name, as you may have guessed, is Lauren Ramsdell, and I am a journalist. After graduating a year early from Elon University, where I served as the arts and entertainment editor for the school paper, The Pendulum, I found a job as a full-time editorial assistant for a company that helps streamline the peer review process for scientific journals. It has been a real treat to be able to find something new I like to do (editing) while still freelancing in my chosen field (journalism).

It’s said that journalists are lifelong learners because of their insatiable curiosity; I certainly believe I’m one of that number. I’m interested in the arts, technology and science as well as helping the regular citizen understand what’s going on in the community around them. I’m also a finicky copy editor with a penchant for reading the AP Stylebook and The Elements of Style. I can shoot video in a pinch, and audio editing is a new curiosity I’m trying to master.

I hail from Raleigh, North Carolina and am passionate about my hometown. Ask me about my latest novel idea, the books I hoard or the latest, greatest thing to do around town. I look forward to meeting you!


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