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Planning week prepares professors for students’ arrival

The week before move-in weekend found Elon students wrapping up summer jobs, scrambling to collect last-minute dorm necessities and savoring the last free moments before coming back to the campus.

At the same time, professors were on campus preparing for the upcoming school year. Planning week found university faculty in meetings, events and orientation sessions.

“The idea is for faculty members to meet in groups and departments to get on the same page for the upcoming year,” said Mary Wise, director of planning week.

The sessions begin with an opening address by President Leo Lambert outlining goals for the year and highlighting faculty achievements.

Professors who concluded research or other accomplishments are awarded medallions in a special ceremony. New professors also go through orientation much like new students.

“It’s important to let the new faculty know that they are a part of the Elon family from the beginning,” Wise said.

Returning faculty met with their new colleagues in several groups during the week. Nearly each day was crammed with department meetings, discussions on the first-year-core and conferences for academic associations.

“For the most part, they’d like a little free time,” Wise said. “But by and large I think it’s a positive experience.”

Wise said her job is to coordinate when and where the faculty meet, but most of the week is professor-driven. She said that most appreciate time to catch up with their coworkers before a hectic year of instruction and grading begins.

“It makes for a smoother and stronger opening of school,” she said.



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