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Two sides to the story: fall weather wardrobe // Passers-by don’t have to judge others’ clothing

I am a cold-natured person.

I like to sun like a lizard in the summer. I cranked up the heat in my apartment the first day it dropped below 60. I am happily from the south; sticky humidity and oppressive heat are my bread and butter.

So, when it gets just cool, I start piling on the layers: sweaters upon sweaters, jeans and leggings, boots and knee-high socks.

It seems that a lot of other Elon girls don’t feel the same way I do. As I shivered, walking to Arts West the other day, I saw a girl strolling along in tiny jean shorts and a tank top. She was sporting some nice cowboy boots and a sheer vest, but it looked like she could have been walking at the beach.

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about girls like this, walking around without any seeming regard for the weather. To that I say, who cares?

Certainly, it may look odd that the girl striding near you is brazenly uncovered as your teeth chatter even under a scarf, hat and wool pea coat, but at the end of the day, it’s none of your business how she chooses to dress.

One of the awesome things about being in college is that no one has to tell you what to wear and when. Nobody’s mom is running around the house trying to stuff people into puffer jackets. Your professor might ask if you’re chilly, but that’s about the extent of the dress code.

My point is that women should be able to wear what they want, even if it is seasonally inappropriate, because they can. That’s it. Just because. There’s no explanation necessary for whatever you choose to don. We typically don’t question men in gym shorts in 45-degree weather (types of whom I have seen before). So why the ladies in the short-shorts and tank tops? It’s a double standard and borders on sexist.

I can think of two reasons why people would dress unseasonably. First, North Carolina weather is notoriously unpredictable. It could be 50 degrees today, 40 tomorrow, and 75 the next day. Perhaps the girl you ogle so sanctimoniously just didn’t realize what the temperature would be.

The second option is that she just wants to dress that way. And, goodness, isn’t that just perfect? She’s perfectly entitled to. So stop looking down your nose and bundle up, but only if you want to.



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