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Gearing up for Election Day coverage

We’re all counting down to Election Day for our own reasons. Some of us want the campaigning to end, some of us are chomping at the bit to cast our votes and some of us want our TVs back from political ads and commentators.

Well, I’m counting down because of what I get to do that day.

I plan on voting sometime this week, (after I finally finish researching judges – vote informed!) so that’s not my reason. Rather, I got my assignment from the Record yesterday at a fun little meeting at The Morning Times.

It was my first time at Morning Times, so I had to take a hipster pic of my latte and muffin snack.

Anyway, my assignment is to hang out at the GOP party and report from the field. How awesome! I’m getting all smiley just thinking about it.

It’s things like this that make me realize that journalism is what I should be doing. It’s inspiring to move forward and keep working as hard as I can, because it will pay off in a big way.



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