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Suspects charged in death of 9-month-old

Two men have been arrested for the May 10 shooting death of 9-month old KenDarious Edwards, Jr.

Deputy Chief Operating Officer in charge of Public Safety Cedric Alexander said that Marco Watson, 36 and Devin Thomas, 18, were both previously arrested on charges related to the killing, and have now been charged additionally with murder.

Watson was arrested on May 28 for aggravated assault and felony kidnapping. He was arrested that date in conjunction with Eunice English, 24, for the same charges. Thomas was arrested May 12 for making false statements or writings.

Thomas is now charged with murder and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to the warrant read at his first court hearing June 5. Watson is expected to be charged similarly.

Two to three men broke through the back door of a home on To Lani Farm Road in Stone Mountain around 11 p.m. Saturday, May 10. Three women in the home fled to an upstairs bathroom with the baby, where they tried to lock themselves in. The men allegedly kicked through the door and fired several shots. The three women sustained serious wounds while KenDarious died.

This killing may have been in retaliation for the death of Alexis Malone, a potential witness to the May 3 shooting of Michael Phillips, 29, at a party. Kemontae Cullins, 18, Oslushla Smith, 19, Cutrez Johnson, 16, and Kayla Dixon, 20, have all been arrested in relation to Malone’s death. Smith and Johnson were KenDarious’s uncles.

Alexander said the investigation remains ongoing.

“We are not going to tolerate this Western mentality of when you go out and shoot somebody because you feel bad that day,” he said.

The KenDarious’s mother, grandmother and a friend that were all shot in the altercation attended Thomas’s hearing June 5.

“[Chief of Police J. Conroy] did all he could,” said Taniqua Clark, a friend of the family who was present during the home invasion. “He told [Tanyika Smith] while she was in the hospital that he was not going to sleep until he found out who did it, and he did. She really appreciated it.”

Tracy Smith, KenDarious’s grandmother, was also at the hearing.

“Looking at Devin Thomas, looking at his reactions, it showed no signs of remorse to me,” she said. “That’s the act of a real coward. I hope he rots.”


This article originally appeared in The Champion Newspaper.



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